Love’s Sacrifice

There’s a difference between a memoir I’ll read from start to finish myself and a book I’d actually recommend others to read. This is on the latter list. – Katinka Hesselink, founder and editor Great Spiritual Books

As I opened your book, a profound wave of goosebumps came over me and my eyes teared up. Your book carries the energy of so much caring, so much love. This energy will also be experienced by every other reader, even if they are not able to distinguish it or even know that it has this energy–like all that matters in our universe, it is the love and light that we send out that matters and that makes the difference – and you are contributing so very much with your book. Thank you my friend. (N.F., South Africa. Reiki Master, Tandem Healer)

I’ve just finished reading your fabulous and inspiring book. Thank you for this brilliant work, it is highly transmissive of the Master’s Grace and incomparable Dharma. It is an exhilarating read and a precious, priceless gift. Thank You! Love, Michael (Interlaken, Switzerland)

Love’s Sacrifice is presently not available pending further development of “second tier” literature review criteria and policies.