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Katinka Hesselink, founder and editor GREAT SPIRITUAL BOOKS: Reviewing the best and most fascinating spiritual books.

Spiritual memoirs are generally worth reading, I find. They usually combine a real life story with spirituality, and I can hardly ever turn a story like that down. This book is no exception. However, there’s a difference between a memoir I’ll read from start to finish myself, and a book I’d actually recommend others to read. This is on the latter list.

Adrienne Dumas Editor of The Faeries & Angels Magazine

I recently finished reading the book Love’s Sacrifice and the Ordeal to Become Human: 30 Years with my Spiritual Master Adi Da by Dennis Leroy Stilwell. All I can say is “Powerful!” If you have wondered what it would be like to live with an Ascended Master, you must read this book. It is thought-provoking, shocking, deeply spiritual and even healing! In this book Dennis shares his own personal experiences and revelations he had while living with Adi Da. A great book that I highly recommend to our readers!

Hugh O’Doherty, Senior associate, Cambridge Leadership Associates, Massachusetts, USA

Love’s Sacrifice is not an ordinary book. It is a spiritual treasure; a unique story of one man’s journey to understand that love is ultimate truth, realized through a life lived in relationship with the great Avatar Adi Da Samraj. This is a raw, vulnerable account of what life in the company of the Avatar both demands and offers–the sacrifice of the illusion of separate self and the grace of liberation in love-bliss. It is a work of deep courage in which the author holds nothing back about the highs and lows of his struggle. The book is finally a rich testament to love as the only reality and a loving tribute to Adi Da Samraj, the one who revealed that the “struggle” was unnecessary from the beginning.