for Professors and Students

Recommendation for reading list, by Charmian Anderson, Ph.D.

Dear Professors and students of Comparative Religion, Psychology of Religion, Theology, and Human Development,

     Mr. Stilwell has written in Love’s Sacrifice: Witnessing the Self-Revelation of the Divine Person a seamless memoir about what it is like to be human in the midst of what is (or could be) a natural, however extraordinary, developmental process. He describes in his book something almost impossible to articulate: the complexity, the multi-dimensionality, and the continuous shattering that is life in the presence of a great spiritual teacher. Yet, in the overall recounting of his story, he succeeds superbly in doing just that.

     What Mr. Stilwell writes about is so humanly magnetizing, heart breaking, astonishing, miracle-ladened, humorous, compassionate, magical, boundary-melting, non-judgmental, and deeply personal, that one easily gains innovative insight into the fundamental substance of the religious/spiritual impulse in Man—in its origins, development, and fulfillment. Because of the breadth of both his spiritual master’s teaching and the spontaneous evolution of his own devotional, shamanic, mystical, and transcendental spiritual experience, I personally feel that this book offers an extraordinary opportunity for any student of human development or of religion and spirituality to gain heretofore unavailable perspective.

     Certainly Mr. Stilwell’s book is an example of a student honoring the memory of his spiritual master, but it is not a work of propaganda. It is simply an extraordinary and humanly engaging story. Moreover, it is an excellently written and easily readable book. I recommend this book for any reading list in psychology, theology, or religion, at either the undergraduate or graduate level.

     Charmian Anderson, Ph.D., Transpersonal Psychology, JFK University

[Charmian Anderson, Ph.D., is one of the pioneers in Transpersonal Psychology. Dr. Anderson is in private therapeutic practice, but for many years was also a corporate management consultant for many large international firms. She is, herself, a serious spiritual practitioner.]