Adi Da?

Who is Adi Da?

     To His devotees, Adi Da is the literal incarnation of Reality Itself in human form as the Divine Person, a Universal Blessing Force of Love, a Transmitter of Spiritual Awakening into non-separate Being, and a purifying Fire.

     To scholars and students of religion and spirituality, Adi Da is a spiritual genius of unparalleled depth and breadth.

     To critics of modern art, Adi Da, through His creation of Transcendental Realism, is a restorer of egoless profundity and participatory transcendental sacredness to visual expression.

     To those shocked by His intensity and absence of conventionality, Adi Da is controversial, sometimes even offensive.

     Adi Da’s writings and talks have been published in the form of over a hundred books, audio CDs, and DVDs. He established three spiritually potent ashram-sanctuaries in America and one in Fiji. His image artwork–Transcendental Realism–was featured at the 2007 Venice Biennale, the Winter in Florence exhibition of modern Art, in 2010 in a solo exhibit at the Sundaram Tagore gallery in New York City. And in 2011 in a solo exhibit at the Sundaram Tagore gallery in Beverly Hills, California.

Interesting inks for further information:
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Consciousness Itself
We Are Consciousness Itself is Adi Da’s summary communication to everyone of all ages: “No matter what arises, or does not arise, you are only Consciousness Itself.”